JCheck Security Monitor

JCheck is a multiplatform security tool which allows automated file integrity checking / host-based intrusion detection on Joomla, Mambo or any other system which supports PHP.

It creates an encoded database which is used to verify the integrity of files on your website. Any change to the files will be flagged for attention by the administrator.

This enables easy detection of hacking attempts and allows prompt action to be taken to prevent further damage. JCheck can be configured in many ways to eliminate false positives and minimise the effort required my site owners.

Alerts can be sent by Email or logged to a logfile for monitoring by other tools.

JCheck is delivered as a zip file, it can be installed and configured to run at periods as specified by the Administrator.

It can be used as standalone application running thru cron for the most effective protection, better security and flexibility. It can also be installed and used as a Joomla or Mambo module, whereby the module acts as a bridge to the JCheck application.

JCheck is available in two editions:

- The free version is fully functioned but can only be run every 24 hours and does not send email alerts. The logfile can be monitored for changes using any logfile monitor.

- The paid version allows the run interval to be set by the administrator. Email alerts can be configured and the link to our site can be turned off.

JCheck Security Monitor

JCheck package V1.1 - Native Joomla 1.1 - this will not run on Joomla 1, 2 or 3

v1.1 Changes

  • Better performance
  • Minor bug fix

Supported Platforms: 

  • PHP 5 web site with Ioncube loaders
  • Joomla 1.5 Native or Legacy Mode
  • Installation on Joomla 1.5 is very simple. Just install this zip file using the Joomla Module installer.

For standalone installation, see the included README or download the user manual for detailed installation instructions and usage.

JCheck Security Monitor - User Manual

User Manual for JCheck security Monitor

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