Allow Duplicate Email plugin

Allow Duplicate Email plugin (ADE)

Allow Duplicate Email Plugin 

In Joomla 2.5 and above, users need to register with a unique email address. Joomla prevents registration using an existing email address.

This is not ideal for example where club members are children and they should be registered with a parent's address. It also makes creating test users more difficult as they all need to have separate addresses.

This system plugin allows administrators of Joomla sites to enable users to register more than one account with the same email address. It works by overriding a core class to disable the duplicate email check.

The plugin also uses the Joomla Update feature to check for new versions and enable simple updates when new Joomla versions are released

Joomla 3.6 Update

Since the upgrade to 3.6 where Joomla changed how the JTable class is loaded, the Allow Duplicate email plugin no longer works.

I gave this a lot of thought and have now come up with a solution to those who really need this and are prepared to accept a compromise. The plugin has been completely rewritten and now has some additional options as well as working with all versions from 2.5 up.

For versions 3.6 and above the new plugin will actually replace the core class with the amended version. This is exactly the same class with the check for duplicate email commented out. When the core class changes i.e. if Joomla is upgraded, it will reinstate the amended class. When the plugin is uninstalled, it will reinstate the original core class. For versions below 3.6 it will work as before.

Here are the main differences:

  • The internal name of the plugin has changed it was allow_duplicate_email and is now called ade
  • If the old allow_duplicate_email plugin is installed it will be removed before ade is installed
  • New options allow logging of events and frequency of checking for changes
  • Core class will be replaced for 3.6 and above

The update site has not yet been updated to include these changes so if you wish to install the new version you will need to install it manually via the Joomla backend.

Currently supported Joomla versions: 2.5, 3.3-3.8

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